Wauw! {Uitgeverij Abimo} • children’s book / Walter Baele

Double page illustration of the monkey Boeboe feeding the birds with insects.
A flock of birds celebrate their victory over a grumpy sword panther.
Four tough gold condors try to save a falling man.
The animals in this illustration lie on their backs under the scorching sun.
A man falls from a cable car in the woods.
A depressed man is huddled in a dark forest. Double page illustration from the children’s book Wauw! (Wow!)
The poor monkey is grieving at the bar.
Illustration of a surprised man and a tiny bird.
A cable car takes hordes of tourists to Wauw and its waterfalls.
An illustration of the cable car that has been converted into a restaurant.
The man rolls on the floor laughing.
The dark blue night is illuminated by a bright, large moon.
The old monkey Boeboe has collected some insect to trade for bananas.
The monkey collects all kinds of insects and beetles to be able to trade them.
Monkeys run away in haste, riding some deer.
The tourists return to Wow to view the miraculous monkey.
First and last double page illustration of the children’s book Wauw! (Wow!).
A monkey gets a giant cake as a present for his help saving Wauw (Wow)