De Gezonde Bron | anniversary card | 2019

Client: Patrick Bron | Published by: De Gezonde Bron Illustrated anniversary card that was included with orders in January to thank the customers. The illustration is made on the occasion of the 12.5 year anniversary of ‘De Gezonde Bron (The Healthy Resource)’ and is a playful overview of the product range and services of ‘De […]

Ebe | °08 11 08 | birth announcement card

Client: Marinka Bauwens & Hugo Vandecasteele Illustration for the birth announcement of Ebe, Marinka and Hugo’s firstborn child. The card mixes some funny anecdotes and facts, including the “Foster Parents Plan” child Nafissa, to eventually arrive at the birth. > Print

Invitation | 20 years celebration | 1993 – 2013

Client: Laurence Rousseau & Steven Neyrinck Invitation to a party on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Laurence and Steven. The illustration tells their story from the very beginning, from their meeting until now.There are references to his first car, their studies in Italy, food, Ghent … > Print

Quin | birth announcement card

Client: Isabelle Depré & Daan Moreels Illustration for the birth announcement of Quin, the firstborn son of Isabelle and Daan. A Russian matryoshka doll was used as the starting point for the idea.The dolls are recognizable reflections of Daan and Isabelle, partly thanks to some typical garments. > Print

Idriss | °18 11 2019 | birth announcement card

Client: Hannah Van Ootegem & Thomas Vervaet Illustration for the birth announcement of Hannah and Thomas’ second child. Idriss is originally from Welsch and means fiery. From his safe nest he descends via a slide into a colorful environment. References to his godmother and godfather (the robin and goldfish) are hidden in the jungle. His […]

Elvis | *07 07 2015 | adoption card

Client: Marijke Verdoodt en Pieter Claessens Illustration for Elvis’s adoption card. The drawing tells the story of Elvis, from his birth in Uganda to his arrival in Belgium, after his adoptive parents came to pick him up. Of course, the typical animals of Uganda could not be missed, just like Mount Stanley in the background. […]

De Gezonde Bron | New year cards | 2015 – 2019

Client: Patrick Bron | Published by: De Gezonde Bron Illustrated new Year’s card that was included with the orders in January to thank the customers. Recurring themes in the illustrations are natural resource, health and people. You can go to ‘De Gezonde Bron‘ (The Healthy Resource) for various health products, such as gluten-free products, hair […]


Client: Studipolis, Annelies Claeys | Published by: die Keure Three illustrations for Studipolis, die Keure’s training center. The drawings were used, among other things, for postcards at the book fair to promote the new courses and to publicize the new Studipolis center. The courses encompass many disciplines, from working for the government to further training […]

Catharina | °30 10 2016 | birth announcement card

Client: Hannah Van Ootegem & Thomas Vervaet An illustration for their first child. The illustration is full of symbolism, little Catharina embarks on her journey through the ‘Book of wonders‘. She meets her godmother and godfather, and is taken by a colorful caterpillar, straight into her future, where her mom and dad are waiting to […]

ACW campaign image

Client: Bailleul | ACW This illustration was a campaign image for the ACW (in the meantime transformed into The objective of the campaign was to remove inequality from the workplace. The target group was unprecedentedly large: men and women, old and young, high and low-skilled, nationalities from all over the world, they all have […]

DeDagtekenaar – ‘Bank van Roeselare’ edition

Client: Bank van Roeselare | Published by: h.e.t. Ontwerp (now Top of Mind), Tom Braekevelt De Dagtekenaar, a calendar with a different illustration every day, the weekdays in black and white, the weekends in color, that means 365 different illustrations, a calendar of more than 2 kilo. 50 illustrations were of my hand. An idea […]

ABVV KOPA campaign images

Client: Jalloo | ABVV Are you looking for work and would you like to work in the social sector or do you want to learn how to work with the PC? Or do you feel some extra guidance on the work floor? Get to know KOPA. KOPA provides training and education to jobseekers, employees and […]