ACW campaign image

Client: Bailleul | ACW This illustration was a campaign image for the ACW (in the meantime transformed into The objective of the campaign was to remove inequality from the workplace. The target group was unprecedentedly large: men and women, old and young, high and low-skilled, nationalities from all over the world, they all have […]

DeDagtekenaar – ‘Bank van Roeselare’ edition

Client: Bank van Roeselare | Published by: h.e.t. Ontwerp (now Top of Mind), Tom Braekevelt De Dagtekenaar, a calendar with a different illustration every day, the weekdays in black and white, the weekends in color, that means 365 different illustrations, a calendar of more than 2 kilo. 50 illustrations were of my hand. An idea […]

ABVV KOPA campaign images

Client: Jalloo | ABVV Are you looking for work and would you like to work in the social sector or do you want to learn how to work with the PC? Or do you feel some extra guidance on the work floor? Get to know KOPA. KOPA provides training and education to jobseekers, employees and […]

Tikken tegen de maan / Tap the moon

Choice of poems and illustrators: Joke van Leeuwen | Published by: Ons Erfdeel vzw Joke van Leeuwen collected 50 beautiful poems for children by Dutch-language poets who made their debut after 1945, for example by Annie M.G. Schmidt until now. Each poem has a drawing, each by a different illustrator. All but two drawings are […]

Booklet illustrations about internet strategy

Client: Living Stone N.V. Illustrations for an information booklet about integrating a targeted internet strategy in a rapidly changing technological world. Living Stone is a B2B marketing communication agency. The illustrations highlight some points of interest and pitfalls. > Institutional

EDG media educational projects

Client: EDG media Illustration for an awareness campaign to better detect bullying behavior, to act when you see someone being bullied and to encourage people to offer help. The illustration was commissioned by EDG media, a communication agency specialised in school communication. > Editorial

Illustrations about Paul Klee | Zonneland

Published by: UITGEVERIJaverbode | Zonneland 3 | 2009 Illustrations about Paul Klee for the educational magazine ‘Zonneland’ (Uitgeverij Averbode). The illustrations in this special issue are a tribute to the Kasperl and Gretl hand puppets from Paul Klee. He made those puppets for his son Felix. Paul Klee was a Swiss / German painter. Klee […]

Antwerp hands illustrated – a travelling exhibition

Curator: Johnny Bekaert | Published by: Piet De Lombaerde, Koekenstad vzw Illustration for the travelling exhibition ‘Antwerp hands illustrated’. Belgian illustrators show their version – on the theme of friendship – of the well-known Antwerp Hands. Legend has it that, to cross the Scheldt River, you first had to pay a toll to a fearsome […]

Spirou Robbedoes poster exhibition – a tribute

Curators: Vincent Baudoux, Johnny Bekaert, Michel Michiels & Patrick Regout | Published by: Huis van het beeld, Seed Factory | 2013 Illustration for the poster exhibition ‘Spirou Robbedoes‘, a tribute to the comic character Spirou (Robbedoes). The most famous bell-boy in the history of comic strip celebrates in 2013 his seventy five glorious years. Assembled […]

Breaking News poster exhibition

Organisation: Huis van het Beeld, The Cartoonist & Press Cartoon Belgium | Published by: Huis van het beeld, Seed Factory | 2015 Illustration for the poster exhibition ‘Breaking News’. Breaking News is by definition exceptional and extremely important. It suddenly hits us, even if we’ve been seeing it coming for quite some time. How do […]

Fortuna poster exhibition – lotteries and games of chance

Curators: Vincent Baudoux, Johnny Bekaert, François Goderniaux, Michel Michiels & Patrick Regout | Published by: Huis van het beeld, Seed Factory | 2014 The exhibition ‘Fortuna’ celebrates the 80th anniversary of the National Lottery, with a focus on the rich poster collection. The House of the image (Huis van het beeld / Maison de l’ […]