ZeKookt – website

Client: ZeKookt | Online since: 2014 Zekookt is a catering company specializing in set catering and catering for corporate events. The business was started by Daniëlle, her husband Bart and her sister Martine. Together they share a passion for good food, the urge to look for new ingredients, for surprising combinations and enriching cultures. This […]

Waelkens NV – flags and more

Client: Waelkens nv Flag producer Waelkens makes flags in all shapes and sizes. I was asked to create an illustration that covered Waelkens‘ full production and all their capabilities. It soon became apparent (after an extensive company visit) that they had a wide variety in options, techniques, dimensions and expertise. They produce flags (country, province […]

Wauw! | Wow!

Text by: Walter Baele | Design: Peer De Maeyer | Published by: Uitgeverij Abimo | january 2011 Illustrated story about global warming. The Wow waterfalls were among the most wonderful places on earth… Until the drought strikes. As a result the plants wither and the animals move away. So, the funicular lift that once attracted […]