Catharina | °30 10 2016 | birth announcement card

Client: Hannah Van Ootegem & Thomas Vervaet An illustration for their first child. The illustration is full of symbolism, little Catharina embarks on her journey through the ‘Book of wonders‘. She meets her godmother and godfather, and is taken by a colorful caterpillar, straight into her future, where her mom and dad are waiting to […]

ZeKookt – website

Client: ZeKookt | Online since: 2014 Zekookt is a catering company specializing in set catering and catering for corporate events. The business was started by Daniëlle, her husband Bart and her sister Martine. Together they share a passion for good food, the urge to look for new ingredients, for surprising combinations and enriching cultures. This […]

Waelkens NV – flags and more

Client: Waelkens nv Flag producer Waelkens makes flags in all shapes and sizes. I was asked to create an illustration that covered Waelkens‘ full production and all their capabilities. It soon became apparent (after an extensive company visit) that they had a wide variety in options, techniques, dimensions and expertise. They produce flags (country, province […]