Het Reuzenbos | The giant forest

Text by: Hilde E. Gerard | Published by: UITGEVERIJaverbode | Leeskriebel 2 | October 2009

Picture book about halloween and friendship, but also about bullying.: recently Senne and I are invited to the party of Zander. His best friend Frank is there also. Of course we are dressed up, me as a skeleton, Senne as a black spider. During the afternoon we eat pancakes and drink fruit juice. In other words a very ordinary Halloween party. However, Zander and Frank are no friends of Senne and me. In short, they bully us at school. Frank calls us wimps. So what will they do to us? After eating pancakes they want to take us to a forest close to Zander’s house. The people call it the Giant Forest, because it’s big, dark and above all… inhabited!