Pen is Art exhibition | sexuality, writing and art

Curators: Vincent Baudoux, Johnny Bekaert, Michel Michiels & Patrick Regout | Published by: Huis van het beeld, Seed Factory | 2015

An illustration for the ‘Pen Is Art’ poster exhibition in Brussels. Sex and sexuality in art, accompanied by a laugh – from sniggering grins to roaring laughter. Especially when the focus is on the male sexual organ, the penis. Male pride is severely tested in this exhibition.

Illustration for the exposition ‘Knights and their seven virtues’
Knights and their 7 virtues
The original illustration was adapted for an exhibition (2017) about knights and their seven virtues. This drawing was part of 7 custom illustrations.
Gallery: Gabriel Fine Art Gallery, London
Conflictafhandeling buiten de rechtbank | Out of court conflict resolution
The illustration was used for the cover.
Credits: Theo De Beir,  Edwin Jacobs,  Eric Lancksweerdt,  Willem MeuwissenStanislas Ossieur,  Stefan Rutten,  Luc Demeyere
Published by: intersentia

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