Pen is Art exhibition – sexuality, writing and art

Curators: Vincent Baudoux, Johnny Bekaert, Michel Michiels & Patrick Regout | Published by: Huis van het beeld, Seed Factory

Illustration for the exposition ‘Knights and their seven virtues’
Knights and their 7 virtues
The original illustration was adapted for an exhibition (2017) about knights and their seven virtues. This drawing was part of 7 custom illustrations.
Gallery: Gabriel Fine Art Gallery, London
Conflictafhandeling buiten de rechtbank | Out of court conflict resolution
The illustration was used for the cover.
Credits: Theo De Beir,  Edwin Jacobs,  Eric Lancksweerdt,  Willem MeuwissenStanislas Ossieur,  Stefan Rutten,  Luc Demeyere
Published by: intersentia