De Gezonde Bron | anniversary card | 2019

Client: Patrick Bron | Published by: De Gezonde Bron

Illustrated anniversary card that was included with orders in January to thank the customers. The illustration is made on the occasion of the 12.5 year anniversary of ‘De Gezonde Bron (The Healthy Resource)’ and is a playful overview of the product range and services of ‘De Gezonde Bron’.

You can go to ‘De Gezonde Bron‘ (The Healthy Resource) for various health products, such as gluten-free products, hair and skin care products, vitamins and minerals and products that help you de-acidify your body. All these products have one thing in common: they are based on strengthening the body’s immune system. In addition, you can contact ‘De Gezonde Bron‘ for health analyzes and tailor-made health treatments.

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