The Stradivaripuss job

Children’s book
Author: Mel Shakespeare

Wauw! | Wow!

Children's book
Author: Walter Baele
A whale carries a school on its back. A piece of nature encloses the school building.

Healthy school

Picture book
Nationale Onderwijsweek
Cover illustration for picture book. Illustration for the urban development magazine T.R.O.S.

Spatial planning

Picture book

Children's book 'The Giant forrest'

Het Reuzenbos | The Giant forest

Children's book
Author: Hilde E. Gerard
The illustrations depict the different themes that appear in the magazine. This is the cover of the magazine.

Paul Klee

Zonneland | magazine
Illustration for a poem. 50 beautiful poems for children by Dutch-language poets who made their debut after 1945, for example by Annie M.G. Schmidt until now.

Tikken tegen de maan

Picture book
Poem: Dorus Vrede
Ons erfdeel