Ebe | °08 11 08 | birth announcement card

Client: Marinka Bauwens & Hugo Vandecasteele Illustration for the birth announcement of Ebe, Marinka and Hugo’s firstborn child. The card mixes some funny anecdotes and facts, including the “Foster Parents Plan” child Nafissa, to eventually arrive at the birth. > Print

Invitation | 20 years celebration | 1993 – 2013

Client: Laurence Rousseau & Steven Neyrinck Invitation to a party on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Laurence and Steven. The illustration tells their story from the very beginning, from their meeting until now.There are references to his first car, their studies in Italy, food, Ghent … > Print

Quin | birth announcement card

Client: Isabelle Depré & Daan Moreels Illustration for the birth announcement of Quin, the firstborn son of Isabelle and Daan. A Russian matryoshka doll was used as the starting point for the idea.The dolls are recognizable reflections of Daan and Isabelle, partly thanks to some typical garments. > Print

ZeKookt – website

Client: ZeKookt | Online since: 2014 Zekookt is a catering company specializing in set catering and catering for corporate events. The business was started by Daniëlle, her husband Bart and her sister Martine. Together they share a passion for good food, the urge to look for new ingredients, for surprising combinations and enriching cultures. This […]

Raphaël | °07 12 2013 | birth announcement card

Client: Isabel di Fede & Philipe Van der Beken Birth card for Raphaël with a ‘Sinterklaas‘ disappearing from the screen in a cozy winter Christmas atmosphere. There is also an illustrated name tag with the bear as the main character.The elements of the illustration have been playfully incorporated into the typography. > Print